Protect our Lake Oswego neighborhoods: Tell the Lake Oswego City Council, Stop developers from choking our streets with unsafe traffic and semi-trucks

We ask your support in being a voice for the small community of Rosewood in Lake Oswego in blocking the current proposal for the SWEA plan. Help us protect Lake Oswego as a whole!!

This plan’s current design violates the City Policy of Neighborhood values in so many ways. The proposed development intends to increase heavy truck traffic on your local neighborhood streets and violate the hours of operations more than are currently being violated. Hours of operation will be moved up to 4 am start times.

The current design crosses the line financially by utilizing your tax dollars to offset the developers’ parking lot costs so they can save money creating something the real community sees as a threat to our quality of life. Road noise, traffic and pollution do not affect the developer or his allies on the city council who support this fraudulent development. The current city codes would not allow this proposal as written. The city and more importantly the developer would like our community to stay silent while they change city codes to support this project.

The city has quietly supported this developer over the past couple of years without truly speaking to those who are affected. A simple post card sent in the mail that appears to be another real estate agent trying to sell you a house can easily be discarded as junk mail when in reality it is a warning of your coming intrusions. Crime traditionally increases in commercial surroundings, do we want that in our neighborhood?

The City is currently attempting to change the code for this developer so he can gain financially while at the expense of our quality of life with nothing to lose on his part.

Speak out now and help us block this love fest between the city and developers. Lake Oswego is our home and only we can protect it.

What would you do to protect your home, your children, your neighbors and your community?

Stand UP and Speak Out!!!!!

Support the Rosewood Community because you may need our support in the future……we are all Lake Oswego

Save Lake Oswego!!!!