Tell the Lake Oswego School Board: We do not support spending 3+ Million dollars of school funds to relocate the bus barn and create more traffic on our streets

On Monday, April 16th at 6 pm, the Lake Oswego School Board will vote to move the existing bus barn from the current location (Lake Grove) to Lakeview Blvd in the Rosewood neighborhood at a cost of over $3 million of school funds.

We do not support this for the following reasons:

  • Lakeview Blvd is an unsuitable location because:
    • No street lights
    • No sidewalks
    • There are multiple “choke points” potentially causing delays in children being picked up on time
    • It is a narrow road with blind curves frequently travelled by large semi trucks making it not only dangerous but unsafe
  • This move would generate 300 plus round trips a day on Lakeview and would divert private vehicle travel to other surface roads/streets throughout multiple neighborhoods as the buses move through town
  • The location is essentially the furthest distance from most of Lake Oswego schools which would generate not only more traffic but additional fuel usage and multiple trips through the entire district
  • The traffic study was completed with an absolute minimum observation with no consideration for the impact on neighboring streets
  • This location is far from any resources for fire and police

Additional background information:

  • The Rosewood Neighborhood Association and some residents were consulted in October, 2017 that this location was being “considered”. It was revealed recently that the property had already been secured
  • Notification of this project were sent to 50 residents (the minimum required by law). However, more than 20 were sent to residents not living in Lake Oswego

Please consider this:

  • The Lakeview property purchase price is $3.2 million of school funds – not including improvements and long term fuel costs to drive across town
  • Other options being bluntly ignored – available space at all schools to park buses which many other districts already do
  • The city conducted a thorough traffic study as part of the SW Employment Area plan in which Tri-Met remarked that their own buses would not be able to travel safely along Lakeview Blvd at its current capacity which includes heavy commercial truck traffic
  • This same plan calls for improvements to Lakeview Blvd which include a sidewalk and street lights as well as widening the street. The Board is not considering delaying the move of the bus barn until this work can be completed.